Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Boston.com Morning Show Rep. Tom Golden On Energy


September 29, 2015
Rep. Thomas Golden (D-Lowell) discusses the upcoming energy meetings
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This story's trending in Boston the boston.com. Morning show on the boys of Boston WR KL. Morning show you here. To the telecommunications. Utilities and energy. They're going to be holding some hearings today they begin at 11 o'clock this morning and there are a number of bills that they will be. Listening to those who have put these bills fourth and one of those individuals who will be speaking on behalf of their bill will be governor baker. He has actually believe it's two bills that he wants this committee to hear related. Two solar energy and Hydro energy. And joining us when the tears that bill that committee to tell us a little bit more about what it is that they hope to accomplish with all of these energy bills. Coming through is representative Thomas golden represented a thank you very much guys got a busy day ahead of you. Good morning can thank you very much for a lot of media opportunity. They will be occurred as. So I am looking at this and I have to give eleven. Different bills that you're going to hear how did they range in what's it what's the differences here. They deadly range from all over from I'm sure a win to offshore wind. Cute solar from a large scale the smaller scale. The natural gas. Everything on the docket the diversification that we are looking at for our energy mix here in the cult of Massachusetts. As well as in paranoia and area. To meet all demands that we it's it's very impressive that it can give a very good date I would venture to get some very long today. But. It's going to be something that the committee's I know have been talking to on the committee members looking forward to. But it really is a goal of the legislature to get something passed correct. Correct the goal of the speaker of the house so Iran at the Leo it to really look at something that is comprehensive in nature and that's. The peace stats that everybody take a look at. I what's most important thing for around myself stupid silly on the entire committee is trying to lower cost of to the rate pair. But it's very important that we continue to expand our renewable or green energy. And invest in our energy infrastructure. Soul. It's going to be very interesting as I stated earlier it's going to be a long day. But that would so many people with so many different ideas out there whether it is so wind weather is solar. Or whether it Hydro. It's gonna be or it could be bridged and David Meeker typically. As I mentioned off the top the governor will be there to testify he's got two bills got a senate bill in the house bill. What are those two bills consist of. These governors peace he is looking for a large scale I'd Earl I knew what that what happens there on one at least it would have relaxed you know I drew two. Add to the base load that we use here in Massachusetts. The predominant. Measures the predominant. Piece that we use is natural gas took the governor is trying to do is he's trying to. More our reliance on natural gas in it kind of makes up a little bit there are some people that are concerned with that they think it's you know large scale Hydro will and to come from Canada of people viewed as a foreign country. Which of course it is. But I think Dick editors are very good neighbor of ours and I think it's something we should we should be looking. When push comes to shove and this is all done will you. Adopt could get possibly adopt all these bills will this'll be condensed down into one or two bills that will be decided upon. How does that work. Well I think security I think that senator downing who are working with very closely whose that you are doing a great job over there as well. But I think the delayed I was really looking at at a committee concentrate. On an omnibus bill. Where we can look at where's our energy consumption going we're what are our energy each. In how to diversify the entire portfolio. It's possible I believe cam net at some point we may. Take one piece out. Maybe too much and I think he had the will the committee. The will of the membership mr. really kind of deal with this in a comprehensive fashion. But that given the beach actually have a solar right now that may or may not happen it's really up in the air. Will have a meeting probably tomorrow was committee members to see how they deal and kinda it gauge the temperature. You know to see what what the next move will be. Representative will there be any discussion today or anytime in the near future about pipelines. Specifically do natural gas pipelines coming Tuesday. Yes and natural gas pipelines will definitely be discussed there are many folks who are against that. But you know quite frankly we do have a shortage in during those peak times. So it's something that we do need. But I do caution folks people come forward and ask. You know beat the chair of the committee to stop the pipelines. This is just my opinion not being an attorney. For Israel are gonna make the call here on whether these pipelines or something that it could be utilized by fifty cent of the commonwealth. And down I think that. Coming in. And complaining you pipeline might be the wrong and you I totally understand what peep where people coming from. Picker from the city lol it and it also were as a potential should break it is right next to me effort from so many of my neighbors were over there were concerned which one of the pipelines. But so once again it is it for issue for should make those decisions we play a minor role in not that that would not a major role of. Can we get a pipeline issue is a tough one you know where I think we all recognize that. We put these pipelines in it would reduce our costs but nobody wants at their backyard. Nobody wants an accurate there's no doubt about it but they're in control looks look for a number years ago. I works for India and local gas company while in college. Thought I've become a little bit more culpable it but again it's not something that I'm at first to I think that we need to increase capacity. Now whether that's true one liner to line by July natural Kabul to Massachusetts. I'm gonna leave that up to for. Quite frankly I truly believe it's going to be within their purview. Within their true view probably. Pretty pretty darn close to a quarter percent. Servers at a time golden and looking caseload to face or get a good follow water and get a good seat. Or maybe a couple copies because it is absolutely. You've got to log data thank you for being a part of the Boston Beckham mornings so great can thank you for the opportunity. 857 here on the boston.com morning shows are coming your way up big show committed north shore music on of that place of it. We're gonna talk to the donor coming up next.

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