Thursday, June 21, 2012

House Approves Transportation Infrastructure Improvements Financing Bill

Last night I joined my colleagues in the Massachusetts House of Representatives today in passing legislation that finances necessary improvements to the state’s transportation system.

This legislation provides $200 million in chapter 90 funding, financial assistance for interstate construction projects in FY 12/13, support for regional transit authorities and the rail transportation system, and funding for other general operating costs of the transportation department. 

The bill also provides for a Department of Transportation Board of Directors, a seven-member panel appointed by the Governor that shall exercise the MBTA’s corporate powers and oversee transportation projects state-wide. 

Provisions of this bill include:
  • $325 million for non-federally assisted construction projects in FY 12/13 including general highway maintenance, emergency bridge repairs, guardrail repairs, catch basin cleaning, line painting, etc.; and
  • $11 million in capital assistance to the regional transit authorities; and
  • $300 million for improvements to and funding of the rail transportation system; and
  • $225 million in supplemental funding for federally-assisted interstate construction projects and $525 million for non-interstate construction projects in FY 12/13.
I believe that this legislation will go a long way in improving the safety of our road systems and the infrastructure that we all rely upon. 

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