Thursday, May 24, 2012

Did you know that the State stocks certain bodies of water with fish?

     The Mass Division of Fisheries & Wildlife (DFW) stocks certain bodies of water in MA with fish to improve the fishing experience for both seasoned fishing enthusiasts and weekend anglers.  In Chelmsford, Crooked Spring Brook, River Meadow Brook, and Stony Brook were each stocked with trout on April 9th.  These three brooks are stocked each spring with hatchery raised trout for fishing and for balance in the natural habitat.
     Throughout the state, bodies of water are chosen for trout stocking provided that they meet the biological requirements for trout to stay alive and the ability for the public to access the water for fishing.  Trout require cold water to survive, which means that moving water and deep lakes or ponds are required to maintain cool temperatures through the hot summer months.
     The DFW hopes that the public takes full advantage of these fishing opportunities and encourages anyone interested to contact them with questions about where fish are stocked and how to find them.  Call the North-East District office in Ayer, MA at 978-772-2145 or visit the DFW website at

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